Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle Exfoliation Body Scrub
240 mL $15.00

Buy 1 Designer-type Male Fragrance 240 mL Body Scrub, Get 1 Free.

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"Slough off the old & unveil the renewed!"
Scrub off the tension & stress of the day by wrapping your body in a natural blanket of velvety softness. Created with imported sea salts, essential oils, mild & exotic fragrances in a base blend of 7 excellent skin-penetrating conditioners; retreat to your private sanctuary & revel in self-renewal. Careful exiting tub, but well worth the caution! May be entirely unnecessary, but after bath/shower, follow with our body polish (whipped body butter), glistening bath & body oil, body icing (body crème), or liquid dust (creamy softening body powder) for continued aromatic softness, or simply to layer your fragrance.

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